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9 Reasons Why Breaking Up Is Not Meant For You!

Heartbreaks are as difficult as hooking up. And those who have gone through one, most necessarily would have gone through the other as well. But, but, but before you think of breaking up with your beau – just read these points and give the thought a serious rethink. Why? Because the fallout of a break-up is going to be more serious than the heartache that you may still be able to handle:

9 Your ears will start missing your phone

You’ll be checking your phone probably a lot more to see if you have any of those calls which had earlier kept you busy day and night.

8 Your love won’t be there to appreciate your success…

In your good time, the one who’s always been your closest…won’t be around.

7 No more silly/ugly fights

Fights that kept you guys together, something that somehow always loved to do.

6 Sex life might not be the same

Things are different with someone special and it might not just be the same person again EVER.

5 No one to forgive you for your mistakes

The way you loved to be forgiven every time you did something awful, regretful.

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4 Weirdness level might differ with others

Others might not accept your weird stuff with open arms, as she did.

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3 You’ll stop believing in people

Be sure of getting hurt once because after a break-up, it all hurts…It changes you emotionally and makes you weak and you stop trusting anyone.

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2 Your friends will always ask about your partner

You’ll miss her. If not you, then people around you will automatically make you miss your ex.


Someone threatening you will end up offending you

You get offended by threatening and blackmailing, something that you always loved about your partner.



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