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Need Break From Cell Phone? Some Places Nobody Will Find You!


Priya Aurora
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If you want to go off the grid, spend time in your own company and take a break from cell phone, then keep reading. You don’t necessarily need a place that is desolate, India has some locations which offer you the right dose of isolation. And in all probability, your cellular network won’t be able to reach you here.


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The government does not allow cellular towers in the region, so your phone will not be ringing anyway. You can have a good holiday in Leh and Ladakh with no disturbances at all. If you really need to connect, find an Internet café.



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You need to trek in the mountains to reach both theses places. In the world of cannabis, nobody will be able to connect with you. And once you start smelling the air, the world will not matter anyway.


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If a sea side is your calling, then head to these islands. Take permission and spend a few days on an island and obviously nobody will be able to bother you in the middle of the ocean. And while you are there, try some water activities.



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A wooden houseboat in the backwaters is always an excellent idea. While your friends are watching some boring serial on TV, you can relax in one of these wooden beauties. Switch off your phone and relax.


Spiti Valley

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It is one of the coldest deserts in the world and getting a mobile signal is the least of your problems. In this land of Lamas, monasteries and endless winding roads, gossip will be the last thing on your mind. You will simply forget that you have a phone on you.

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