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Boys And Girls, What Are Your Plans This Summer Vacation?


Priya Aurora
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Summer Vacation! Well, your parents might have fond memories of doing exactly nothing in the break after finishing class 12.

Or they might have bored you with tall stories of beating their cousins at the new Wizards of the Coast board games they’ve just got. But you cannot afford to waste time.

And please, don’t bother asking your parents as they are going to suggest joining a typing or shorthand course to you. Or your mother might insist on spending the time in learning how to make perfect round chapattis.

We have some interesting ideas for you to choose from, the important thing is – DO SOMETHING!

1. Join a Voice Modulation course

Summer options

WE all have a unique voice, make the best use of it.

2. Improve your communication skills in English

Even if you don’t want to write in the future, there is no harm in improving your language.

3. Join a baking course

There is nothing more relaxing than the smell of freshly baked cake. Improve your baking skills and learn a thing or two.

4. Enroll for a photography course

Summer options

It is a most creative hobby that also promises great opportunities if pursued seriously.

5. Pick up a foreign lingo

Summer options

Knowing a foreign language never harmed anybody. It will only help when you travel abroad and add a start to your resume.

6. Join a vocational course on Fashion or Design

Summer options

Don’t wait for the academic year to begin. Brush up your skills by joining a basic course.

7. Boys and girls, try your hand at bartending

The scope for bartenders has increased manifold. If hospitality is your strong point, join today.

8. Train the artist in you by joining digital arts

The possibilities are endless. Choose between learning how to paint online to making animated videos yourself.

9. Dance away the break by learning contemporary dance

Dancing is a great way to stay in high spirits and exercise at the same time. Who knows you might choose to become a choreographer in the future.

10. Acting and film making beckons you

Join an acting school and get a grip on all the nuances. Performing, dancing, acting soak it all in.

Happy Holidays !

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