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And You Thought Boyfriend And Husband Were The Same?


Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Physical attraction varies

Boyfriend: Between the cuddling and the sex, you were constantly in physical contact.  You thought he was handsome and sexy, and were worried that other women would hit on him.

Husband: Between the bathroom and the bedroom, you bump into him sometimes and feel that he is getting a belly. If another woman looked at him, you would probably be more into him for a couple of days, to be honest, but sadly, it hasn’t happened in a while.

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Sex and excitement

Boyfriend: He initiates by kissing you deeply and telling you how sexy you are and how much he loves you. You’re on the same page physically. It’s like he can read your mind.

Husband: He initiates by grabbing at you clumsily in bed on the days when you feel emotionally disconnected from him. It’s like he can read your mind, in reverse.

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His job and week-offs

Boyfriend: He focuses on his career. But in an adorable way, fits in your vacations and late morning sex.

Husband: He has not called in sick after marriage. He is glued to his smartphone in case something urgent comes up, although he is neither the President nor a heart surgeon. He took a week’s sick leave for the baby’s birth and acted extremely generous about this sacrifice.

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Dates and their importance

Boyfriend: He plans romantic, personalised activities like cute talks or beautiful walks by the lake before romantic dinners at cute ethnic restaurants in the city.

Husband: He plans nothing, never, not even his own dentist appointment. You plan dinners for all the speciAL occasions of your life together.

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Compliments are just dreams

Boyfriend: He thinks you are gorgeous and tells you all the time. He notices when you wear a new outfit. He thinks you are the prettiest in the room.

Husband: He thinks you look pretty good for someone who has had kids, but he does give you side glances when you get out the ice cream after the kids go to bed. Sometimes, you catch him looking at women that looked like you 10 years ago.

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Some things never change!

Boyfriend: Holding shopping bags for her at the mall in one hand and her in the other.

Husband: Holding shopping bags for her at the mall in one hand and baby in the other.

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