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Boyfriend Alert! Signs He Might Be Cheating On You!!


If you really want a relationship to work, it is important that the effort is made from both sides. Look out for these signs, if you think he’s not serious about you.

15 He never texts you back. How busy can he be? In 24 hours, he cannot spare 30 seconds for you!

14 Even after 6 months, he is loving the chase. And you are getting sick of it.

13 Everything seems to revolve around him. He is always right and his idea is always good. You are nowhere!

12 He seems to mentally abuse you, but sugarcoats it like a pro. You are snubbed at the drop of the hat.

11 Everything said and done, he is a prick. In the deepest core of your heart, you know that.

10 He has no value for your beliefs, thoughts, ideas and dreams.

9 He never supports any idea of yours. You are a fool for him.

8 You have never met his friends and family, till date. You just know their first names.

7 In a party, you never get introduced as his girl. Just a friend!

6 You always get snubbed for everything you say or do. And you are sick of defending yourself.

5 He says sorry without meaning it and repeats the same mistake again.

4 You seem to have lost yourself in his shadow. An identity crisis has taken over!

3 You get compliments only for your body and your moves in the bed. Is this love or lust?

2 He gets you the lousiest of gifts and then expects you to compliment him for them.

1 You don’t think that he will ever commit to you. Listen to your gut!

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