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No Argument: Boobs Are The Only Solution To All Issues!

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DISCLAIMER: This post is for humour and entertainment purposes. Any similarities to your personal experiences is sheer chance!

This is one fact that every guy would be in major agreement with: boobs can solve any problem, any fight, any squabble, resolve any stress, anything at all. You need to have your way? Show him BOOBS!

8 He’s angry? Boobs the only solution…

He can never get angry unless you play your part.

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7 Sad? He needs Boobs

The spark to lighten his mood…is in you!

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6 Irritated? He wants Boobs!

Yeah! To rub off the irritation, a surface is required and if it can be your bust, why not!

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5 Confused? Again, Boobs

Boob diffusion might reduce confusion.

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4 Happy? Boobs for sure!

The only time when he himself would ask you for boobs.


Emotional? Yes, Boobs!

No. No… Don’t let him cry. You have the answer.

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2 Wants a breakup? Boobs are compulsory!

Better expose than dispose.

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1 Till Doomsday: ‘Boobs’

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Are the key to everything….

TRUST me…time, money, loss, profit, friends, parents, career – nothing is of more importance when compared to BOOBS!



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