Bollywood’s Most Controversial Videos That Went Viral!!


A lot has been happening over the years in Bollywood and we all know that everything that happens in b-town is always for a reason!!

Controversial Videos

Many photographs,MMSs and videos get leaked and overnight stars are born.Agreed?? There’s rarely a chance when the PR team isn’t aware that something like this is about to happen.Most of the times,such a situation is created…especially when media is seen in good numbers.And happens..and ultimately media gets abused for representing the so called decent celebrities in an inappropriate way.

Controversial Videos

Most of these videos get viral and we see things that probably we shouldn’t see but well none of the things get out of one’s bedroom without their intent.We know that people get cheated in relationships and we also have seen many cases where video tapes of some intimate moments have been circulated on social networking sites.But is that a case with our celebrities too? Do our celebrities not realize that making such videos or MMSs can spoil their reputation big time?

Controversial Videos

Well for all that’s said,seen and heard,here’s a look at Bollywood’s most controversial videos that went viral :

There will always be a squabble whether these Bollywood actors had been unfortunately acquainted with the seedier underbelly of the virtual world or was it all for fame and fortune that these controversial videos were made!



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