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Some Handy Tips From Bollywood Celebs Ageing Gracefully!

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While most of us are spending our hard earned money on anti-ageing products, there are some celebrities who are ageing so gracefully that we can learn a thing or two from them. They make us wonder how they look so young and what lifestyle are they leading. If you are wondering who these stars are, then read on…

6 Madhuri Dixit

Her smile can launch a thousand ships. And men of all ages cannot take their eyes off her. And would you believe it if we told you that she is soon going to turn 50.

Tips from Madhuri: She likes to dance to stay fit. She has a well balanced diet. And she likes to be very particular about timings and her beauty sleep.

5 Anil Kapoor

The ‘jhakaas’ hero refuses to be called old, at 58. He is the father of three kids and can still pass off as a middle-aged man.

Tips from Anil: Even at his age, he works out six times a week and does a lot of cycling. He even likes to cycle to work. He does not drink and is very particular about food.

4 Amitabh Bachchan

Big B is only getting sexier with age. He is in a different league from most of his male counterparts. He stands tall and proud as an old pine at 79.

Tips from Big B: He likes to eat on time. He stopped drinking and smoking a long time ago. And he also follows a strict fitness regime.

3 Hema Malini

She does not look 66 even for a second. The lady likes to stay fit and hence looks beautiful in whatever she wears.

Tips from Hema: She likes to stay makeup free and uses a lot of neem, amla and tulsi. She stays fit and healthy due to her dance schedules. And she never eats junk food.

2 Milind Soman

This hot and handsome hunk refuses to get old. And we are surely not complaining. Not many men can look so hot in grey hair and also win a triathlon at the age of 50.

1 Rekha

This sultry Goddess simply refuses to look her age. Even at 60 she looks like a stunner. Her red lips and her beautiful sarees make her a style icon for every age group.

Tips from Rekha: Oil you hair, use shikakai, and home packs made from honey, curd, and egg whites.



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