Bollywood Actresses Who Vanished From Tinsel Town!


Bollywood is a very funny place. It works for some and doesn’t for many. The rules are very tough especially when it comes to women. One mistake and they are gone. We are today talking of actresses who came, conquered, looked to last, but suddenly vanished. While some actresses are still missing, others we get a whiff every once in a while.

Mamta Kulkarni

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She had entered Bollywood at the tender age of twenty and got noticed immediately. She was a top heroine in her times and worked with all top male leads. But one shirtless cover photo caused her doom. She was forced to flee the country, never to be seen again.


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She had been discovered by none other than Raj Kapoor himself. Her bold avatar made ripples in Bollywood. She has given many hits with Mithun and Govinda. Then she suddenly disappeared and we hear she is now happily settled with a don in Dubai.


Kimi Katkar

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She was the one who actually justified the term sex siren in 1990s. She is mostly remembered for Tarzan and Hum. The lady got married to Shantanu Shorey and bowed out of movies.

Anu Agarwal

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She became a household name with Aashiqui.  Becoming an actress was never her dream and the overnight success seemed to have rattled her. Sadly, in 1999 she met with an accident and suffered amnesia for quite sometime.



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The lady surely had a personality of her own. She was tall, had an excellent figure and reasonably good acting skills. She later became the “Oye-Oye” girl and people still remember her husky voice. She married Rajiv Rai and due to extortion threats, they both were forced to flee the country. Nobody has heard about her since.

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