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Bizarre Superstitions! Beware It’s Tuesday The 13th Tomorrow!



Festivals are around the corner. These festivals will have umpteen numbers of rituals and these rituals will have superstitions attached to them.

Well yes, superstitions, beliefs, supernatural and much more. Do this..Do that.. Don’t do this.. etc.. And this reminds me of bizarre superstitions from around the world, not only religious but we do have them in our day to day life too.

Some weird and eerie superstitions from around the world that will leave you completely psyched out.

1. Black cat


Most people have heard the saying that if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck (if you haven’t well now you have).

3. Spirit houses


In Thailand, most home and office owners have their very own “spirit house” in their lawns or in their backyards. This little house is not a replica of the actual building, but rather a dwelling built on top of a pedestal which spirits can make their home. The purpose of these spirit houses is to keep harm from befalling the real homes and office buildings. Owners place all sorts of gifts and it is hoped that they will then protect the building or house against any evil.

3. Tuesday the 13th


People in Spain believe that Tuesday the 13th and not Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Tuesday, which is Martes in Spanish, is derived from mars, which in the Middle Ages was called little evil.

4. The number 4


The number 4 and all iterations thereof (14, 24, etc.) are considered incredibly unlucky. This is because it sounds very close to the word for death. Some buildings even refuse to have a fourth floor.

5. Photographic soul cage


When photography was first invented in the early 19th century, people all over the world held the unfounded belief that taking someone’s picture was akin to taking his soul. Thank goodness this is just a superstition, I can only imagine how many people would have power over me…

7. Water luck


In Germany, it is bad luck to cheers with water because it is said you are literally wishing death to everyone you are drinking it with.

8. Parent finger


In Japan, if you drive past a funeral, you must hide your thumb in a fist. This is because the Japanese word for thumb literally translates as parent-finger and hiding it is considered protection of your parents. If you don’t, your parents will die.

9. Money


Greeks believe that money attracts money, so never leave your pockets, purses or wallets completely empty and never completely empty your bank account. Always leave at least a coin or two. It is also considered good luck that when you give a gift of a wallet or a purse, that you put a coin or two in it before giving it to the recipient.

10. Ringing of the bell


Have you ever wondered why bells are always associated with weddings and special occasions? As it turns out, bells are sounded during special occasions due to the widely held belief that bells frighten evil spirits away.

12. Failing banana


In Vietnam, many foods are avoided by students hoping to do well in school or in exams. Bananas, for example, are avoided by students because they are slippery and the Vietnamese word for slip sounds exactly the same as the Vietnamese word for fail.

13. Broom wonders


If a man is hit with a broom, he will become impotent and/or his genitals will disappear. Some believe this can be countered by hitting the offender back with a broom no fewer than 7 times.

Upaali Dhawan
Upaali Dhawan
An optimist person with an appetite for celebrating the good things in life. calm.. composed.. tranquil writer..

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