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Khurki Found These Really Bizarre Fashion Trends For You!



When we use the term fashion, we are talking of it in a very broad sense. But the moment we say bizarre and weird, we get your attention instantly.

KHURKI found some very disturbing and weird fashion trends. We bet you must not have heard of some of them.

A Scouse Brow

Basically, a brow that is straight as a line, made with the help of tattooing. A trend commonly seen in Indonesia.

Hipster Glasses

These would be glasses without lenses. We just don’t get the point of wearing glasses without lenses. Maybe because they don’t fog.

Shoes Without Heels

We never said that there would be logic to these trends. Hold on to that till the end of this list. Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and Emma Watson have tried this trend. And they continue to topple like dolls on the streets.


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Getting a Facekini

We all know of murkini, furkini and tankini, so what is a facekini. This is a Chinese trend and is basically a nylon mask that you wear on your face when in the sun. Mind you, you cannot wear it to the bank.


Ear Gauges and Crazy Plugs

The trend has been picked by indigenous tribes who have been stretching their ears since centuries. The procedure is terribly painful, but this generation is flocking to it nevertheless.

Ear gauges and crazy plugs

Eye Tattoo

Yes, you read that right! Eye tattoos are a rage in Canada. The cornea of the eye is tattooed using syringes to create colourful designs and patterns. One can only imagine how painful the procedure would be!

Eye Tattoo


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Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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