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ALERT For Biscuit Lovers! Have You Eaten These Yet?


Priya Aurora
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We are yet to find somebody who does not like or simply detests the idea of having a biscuits or a crunchy cookie with a hot cup of coffee or tea. In fact, we humans are so much in love with biscuits, according to a report they are one of the main reasons for the rising levels of obesity in our society. Nevertheless, we have for you today a list of the top selling and most famous biscuits in the world. Keep your pen and paper ready!

Cadbury Fingers

They have been around since 1951 and you just have to eat them once to get hooked onto them forever. You won’t be able to stop at one.

Image Source:www.amazon.com
Image Source


It is the hot favourite of many schoolchildren. You get it in multiple flavours and you have to try it, if you missed it till now. We strongly recommend the honeycomb flavour.

Image Source:www.alwayspackedforadventure.com
Image Source

Rich Tea

They are popularly called the ‘one dip’, that’s because they are so delicate that if you dip them twice they will crumble in your tea. They have been around since the 17th century.

Image Source:uk.style.yahoo.com
Image Source


Don’t’ we all love a French macaroon? These French mouthfuls can drive anybody crazy. And if you plan to try them, ensure that you visit your baker before noon. They get sold out very soon.

Image Source:textra-vita.com
Image Source

Party rings

The biscuit was launched in 1983 by Fox’s Biscuit. They became so popular that a child’s birthday party cannot be imagined without them.

Image Source:www.pinterest.com
Image Source

The choco-chip cookie

They are everybody’s favourite. You get them with raisins, with almonds and sometimes with marshmallows too. And our top favorite is the double chocolate cookie.

Image Source:biscuits.com.au
Image Source

Choco Leibniz

The ratio of the flour and the chocolate in this biscuit is just amazing. Next time you are out shopping, look for these beauties.

Image Source:www.chocablog.com
Image Source
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