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Birth In Plane For US Citizenship?? WTF..!!

For all those who wish to have a US citizenship.. Here’s another jugaad way of getting it..!!

Waise kya dimag paaya hai iss Taiwanese aurat ne..shabaash..!!

Hua ye that a 36 weeks pregnant Taiwanese woman gave birth on a flight to the U.S. in a supposed attempt to give her baby the American citizenship.

birth on baat..! Sources say that she kept asking the crew ke bhaiya Amreeka ai gava kya..budbak ko janam dei dau…lols..!!

Though she could face a hefty bill for forcing the plane to divert to Alaska, the child is sure to get the citizenship. Alaska state officials say the baby is eligible for US citizenship. A baby born in flight has the right to be a US citizen, even if born in international air space.

The insurance firm of China Airlines will decide whether to ask the unnamed passenger to cover the cost of the stopover to ensure the health of her baby. The flight made an emergency landing en route from Taipei to Los Angeles.


Taiwanese media have estimated the bill at $33,000, although the airline said its insurer is still calculating the cost. The incident has gathered a lot of attention in Taiwan, even rising to the level of parliamentary debate.

The woman, whose identity has been kept confidential, was sent back from Alaska to Taiwan on Saturday, without the baby. American authorities have not said why.

Before the 1980s, when Taiwan was still developing economically, some mothers tried to give birth in the United States, but nowadays that is rare. A cottage industry has sprung up in recent years facilitating the travel of women from mainland China to the US to give birth and obtain automatic American citizenship for their babies. For many who apply for American citizenship often go through the i-751 form but if you’re interested in learning more about US immigration laws, consider having a chat with an Immigration Lawyer to help you better understand the US citizenship process.

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