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Bike Or A Girl? Khurki On The Bikes Guys Fancy And Why!

When it comes it their motorcycle, bikers are in love. They buy motorcycle covers to make sure their bike doesn’t get wet when they’re not using it, they constantly check for any repairs they need to make or look out for modifications that will improve their ride. They take great pride over their bike and want to show it. Some people may even want to Browse the www.MotoCentral.Co.Uk Online Shop to see what the latest accessories and clothing are so they can add them to their collection. It’s true that guys fancy bikes which is why they love Superbike Loans…but there could be a lot of reasons behind this. It might be because bikes are machines which take you to another world of happiness when you’re on it. Or maybe your girlfriend loves bikes, so you do too?

Or is it that boys fancy bikes only because it is a big attraction factor for the hot babes!

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KHURKI asks boys: Which bike fascinates you more?

1. Splendor

It may be one of the oldest bikes but even today, people are crazy for it because of its average and simplicity!


2. Avenger

The people of southern India cherish this as the low ground bike.


3. It’s not ‘Bullet’, It’s ‘BULT’

Whether we talk about Thunderbird 500, Standard or Classic, this is the masterpiece which leaves no one disinterested!


4. Yamaha 350

The older version of Yamaha has become an antique piece and people just adore its uniqueness!


5. Yamaha FZ-S or Fazer


6. Harley Davidson

Any edition of this perfection will just leave you wonderstruck!


7. Bajaj Pulsar


8. Passion

People still ride this bike and mostly in Punjab, people find it very cheap and affordable!


9. Honda CBR 250R


10. Karizma

This reminds your of MTV ROADIES and after watching it, most of the people had gone crazy for this stuff!


11. Ducati Superbike


12. KTM Duke

This is what youth fancies when it’s about pick up, off-roading and stunting. The KTM duke says it all!


13. Hayabusa

This reminds you of the first movie from Dhoom series and trust me, people had gone mad for this treasure when they to came to know about it!


In the end, Khurki says if you don’t have a girlfriend, own a bike and it’ll leave no stone unturned to behave like your baby!

Well, there’s a video to help you find out whether guys love bikes or guys love chicks or maybe BOTH!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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