Bigg Boss Whopper Burger For All Bigg Boss Fans!

We all love burgers!!

Burgers & chicken is what I can never separate from my mind…. I am in so much love with them. Actually, everybody loves a good burger and Bigg Boss Whopper by Burger King is a must-try once.


If you like travelling, you will undoubtedly have hamburgers with you in all shapes and sizes. Arrive in any city in the world, you can be sure you will get various versions of burgers but today we wanted to focus on The Bigg Boss Whopper Burger lately launched my Neha Dhupia at their Andheri outlet, in the western suburb of Mumbai.


Neha gorges on the Bigg Boss Whopper before anyone else!

Lucky are the ones who got to try the burger made by Neha Dhupia.

Not only Neha ate the juicy, saucy, crunchy burger but she also sold a few of them.


Also trying to make her customers, Happy Customers!! Neha posing for selfie 🙂


Now with the entire Burger King Staff!!

OMG!! Can’t wait to try this the Bigg Boss Whopper Burger at Burger King.    

Sooooo mouth watering…