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We Understand That Big Boobs Are Very Hard To Manage!


Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

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There are large number of bust enlargement surgeries that are carried out around the world on a thought that it makes them attractive. But not many realise that many times, these huge assets have to deal with a number of problems.

Though every girl desires to have a big top, but are they aware what women with big breasts have to go through.

All those women who want bigger breasts should keep these facts in mind before opting for surgery. As bigger the bust, bigger the problem…

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They try to jump out when you run (Lol)


In summers, they cause unbearable sweating and itching


Lingerie is not easily available


Everyone, especially boys, are busy staring at your bust


Shopping is a nightmare…it seems nothing on this earth is made for you


You can’t wear tight clothes

Pic credit
Pic credit

You cannot exchange clothes with friends (size matters)


No matter what you wear, you still look tempting

big boobs

On the upside, having a huge bust may be great in the long run. You’ve tried sleeping in a sports bra, but wound up suffocating yourself and you’ve tried sleeping with no shirt on and that was even worse. Will we ever know comfort? Probably not, but it is better than alternative, isn’t it?

Sure, they make a great shelf for your snacks and your bowl when you’re lying there before actually falling asleep, but when it comes time to hit the hay, the struggle has never been more real. So what is it really like? Well…

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