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We Dare You To Become A Better Person! And This Is HOW?

The purpose of life is the biggest unanswered question ever. Various religions and gurus explain many things to be the path towards the growth and God for others. But again doing something for the better and never seen before future raises questions. The Gen-X is of logical thinkers, they have many Why’s, What’s, How’s, in their mind. NO, before we even dare to go there we don’t have answer to the ultimate question. We don’t know whether these below mentioned things will take you to heaven or not. We have no idea if this is the path of the God. But certainly, these are a few things that can make you a better person. Somebody who is responsible, satisfied and happy. Even if you opt for only a few and not all, you will definitely feel satisfied. May be these are not selfless acts anymore because you are looking for your better being. It’s okay, nobody wants you to be a saint, just a simple good human being trying to do good to society and self.

Teach a poor kid or kids

Try and teach a poor kid a few lessons, help him with your knowledge. And trust me you will not only teach a text book lesson but a life lesson as well. You will show him/her that doing something for others and for no personal benefit, is a good deed. You will give society a better human.


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Forgive someone you could never do

Now this is something very personal you can do for yourself. Indira Gandhi  once quoted “Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave”, so be one. By forgiving you simply let go, you will take off the burden of hatred on your heart. And it is a relief!


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Say no to revenge

This is again in continuation of the previous point. If you think that revenge is the way to treat somebody a lesson, you are so wrong. Revenge gives birth to revenge, it was never a solution and will never be. All it gives you negativity, that’s all you get out of it.


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Take care of a stray

Be the voice of voiceless. Stray animals are also part of the society we live in. This planet belongs to every living being, nothing is more of yours and less of others.


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Touch someone

Again a selfish deed, but it makes you a better person. Touch of the other person improves your mood. Hugs simply makes you happier. Sex can improve the chances of heart attacks & Cancer. Information Source


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Smile to kids

Every time you see a kid, smile to them. Of course not in way that you seem dumb or a creep to them. Smile to them because it assures them that world is full of good people.


Show respect to aged

Do I even have to tell you that? This is the biggest sign of being a human. That you understand other humans. And for all those who think they would respect deeds instead of age, nobody goes around with a tag. You will never know the story of person by a look, but definitely you will know the age.

Better Person

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Thank a soldier

“Tum Ho Toh Hum Hain” soldiers are the people who make it possible for us to have a life that we have. Somewhere in the army area it was very well written, “The strongest are not made up of stone, but brave men”. Thank them for being there for you, always.


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Be it with friends or family or alone, it certainly makes you a better person. Make sure the person who is with you is not a negative factor in your life. Be with the people who make you happy and have all the fun possible.

Better Person

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It is time to give it back to nature. Since the day you were born, nature has helped you breathing. But this is high time that we should give it back to the suffocating mother earth. And certainly gardening also improves your stress levels. Information Source

Better Person

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