Best Travelling Tips For Mommies This Holiday Season!


When you become a mommy, you dread travel. You tread loads of luggage, the crying babies, and just the thought of it. There are a lot of necessary items you need when it comes to traveling with a baby or small children but with a little bit of thought and planning, you can achieve great success.

But you don’t need to be nervous any more. We have compiled a list of travel tips for you after talking to all the mommies we know. And if you have any tips of your own, you are more than welcome to share them with us.

1. Always carry a list


Carry a detailed list with you, so that you can sleep in peace. This list can include anything from clothes to the pack n play mini crib, ensuring that your trip away from home is as seamless as possible. With a list, it’s nearly impossible to forget anything! Prepare your list a few days before your trip so you know exactly what you need and don’t have to rush about trying to remember important items. And don’t forget to put your kids’ favourite bunny.

2. Carry loads of snacks

If you want to keep your children busy and quiet, keep feeding them snacks. Carry cheese, biscuits, namkeen, fruits, and chocolates. Feed them slowly and steadily.

3. Plan up and down days

You can’t keep running to the fun parks daily. If you are going to the lake one day, keep the park for the next. You will need the down days to get back your energy.

4. Book a separate seat for the baby

You can’t keep a baby in your lap for fifteen hours. Book a separate seat and give him some room of his own.

5. Carry forgotten toys for the trip

Always carry toys that your child has paused down the basket for travel. On the trip, they will seem new to him.

6. Learn to ignore the jerks

Although expect to meet only a few, but there will be some jerks. These are the people who hate people travelling with kids. They push you in lines and look at you with disgust. Just pretend they don’t exist.

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