Best Things Only Roommates Do For Each Other, Have Done Any Of These?


If you have ever lived in a hostel, PG, in short been a roomie with someone, that’s great. Because you are going to get the best of the read in your recent time. Having roommate is not only a curse, sometimes these beings are equally important as oxygen. Roommate is a man made relationship, and one of the best things humans ever created. They are not like your family, they are family. They are like those dustbins over flowing with garbage, with bold letters ‘use me’ written. They will never get offended reading this when you share this with them, because that’s they see you too. Roommates are 100, 108,911 et al of your life. Doing nothing with them have always been much better then doing so much with some random others. They play the role of teacher, father, mother, brother, sister…every possible role you can think off!

So I raise my keyboard in the honour of those idiots termed as roommates!


Good, bad, average doesn’t matter when your roommate is cooking for you. It is just like a home away from home where people cook for you. When you see you him/her getting food for you there is always K3G background score of “Aaa AAAA…AA..AAA AA A”!

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Solutions & Advisory Committee

You got problem, share it with the b*#tch you are living with. When it comes to there problem they have no idea what to do. But in your case they can CJI giving the best of advise and verdict.

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Exchange Of Clothes

It is almost like a blessing directly from the heavens if your roomie and you share same size in clothes. Sharing clothes simply makes your wardrobe just double!
It seems like a curse at times too, you know what I mean.

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They are your udhaar card, somebody who can always give you money without interest and many times no return policy. At times I wish my bank starts behaving like my roomie, like not cooking for me when I am unable to pay.

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Quick Reaction Team

Coming back from office, in the late hours of the day, suddenly after a few push you realize there’s no fuel. All you have to do is dial the first number on speed dial and explain your situation in the saddest possible voice.

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Like Father Like Roommate

Sometimes you have to make certain important calls, basically your parents have to do that not for you but because of you. And it is your roommate who makes that call.

Leaving The Room For Your Date

The best ever thing somebody could do for you, is leaving you alone in a room with your date. No matter what this is the biggest debt you can only repay by doing same for them.

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Again, roommates are not like your family, they are family! 

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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