We’ve Picked Best Places To Buy Handicrafts In India For You!


You will agree that Indian handicrafts are truly unique. Each region has something so fantastic to offer, that you will have to control your urge to buy it all. So next time when you come to India or pan a trip to shop some handicrafts, keep this list handy. We have chosen the most trusted places to shop for you. You don’t need to haggle for rates here, or worry about the quality. No need to spend a fortune at the fancy showrooms, just head here.

Dilli Haat, Delhi

Image source
Image source

This place is so unique and authentic that it had to top this list. It is a successful tie up between the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Delhi Tourism. Without doubt, it is one of the best markets in Delhi. It works like a weekly village with good food, music and exceptional handicrafts.

Kala Madhyam, Bangalore

At Kala Madhyam Arts & Crafts Mela hosted in Chitra Kala Parishath
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If you are looking for beautiful tribal and folk crafts, then head here. They pick the work of the best artisans, hence it has to be good. Right from Kutch to Arunachal, they have it all here. Their Bastar metal figures are very popular. The wall murals cannot be missed at all.

Kripal Kumbh, Jaipur

Kripal Kumbh
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A visit to Jaipur is incomplete without buying some blue pottery. The craft was nurtured by Kripal Singh, born in 1922. You can join a class or just admire the artists at work here. And if you don’t like the designs here, then head to ‘Neeja’.

MESH in Delhi and Hyderabad

Image Source
Image Source

The group MESH works with disabled artisans. You can buy very beautiful bed covers, cushion covers, hair accessories and even bags from here. The group has a proper design studio, where designs are developed along with the artisans.

Sambhali Boutique, Jodhpur

Sambhali Group
Image Source

If you want to buy Indian and western wear in Indian ethnic style, this is the perfect place. These clothes are handcrafted by underprivileged women, who are given training by the Sambhali Trust. If you have always liked the camels and the elephant motifs, then you will get to buy them here.

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