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12 Benefits Of Running & Burning Those Extra Calories!


Now that summers are here and everyone’s already sweating due to the sun, let’s burn some extra calories with some “RUN“.

Stock up your music player with some high energy numbers to give you the required pump.

Now that you are ready, let’s see what all benefits does your body get by an act as simple as Running:

1. Weight Loss

That’s one thing that nearly everyone wants to do, no matter the size or shape. If you follow a routine of running everyday, you can burn nearly 1000 calories an hour. Isn’t that worth it..!!!

2. Bone Strengthening

I am sure you must have noticed that your body tends to become too fragile when there is no exercise routine. Even if you pick up a bucket of water or walk a small stretch, you tend to feel tired and after sometime your muscles start aching. If you run everyday, then your bones get stimulated to remain stronger and do not easily weaken with age.

3. Release stress

While running, your body works out in totality, your arms swing, your stomach wobbles (mine does), your butts jump (LOL), your thighs wiggle (sometimes even chaff which is super irritating). But all this makes your body tired and releases relaxing hormones to overcome the effect. This helps to cope even with the minor stress and everyday irritability.

4. Happiness

When you run like a high spirited sportsperson, you feel a high and so does your body. This boosts endorphin and gets the runner high sense of elation during and after the run.

5. Fat Burn

When it comes to burning fat, it is not always an easy thing to do. Some people may turn to the idea of using supplements, as it is easy to buy products from sites like https://steelsupplements.com/ to help burn fat and build muscle. This may be a method that works for some, but let’s not forget about doing something as simple as running to help lose weight. Running helps build lean muscles and change your body composition and metabolism. Lean muscle weighs more than fat but burns more calories even when you are resting. So the next time you weigh yourself on the scale and find that you now weigh more than before even after running for nearly 1 week, you probably know the reason – it’s because you are developing lean muscles! For some people, building muscle is the only reason they run and they choose to ignore the scales completely. Online supplement review articles such as power life reviews explain the importance of gaining muscle and offer the choice to purchase products to help you to gain those muscle goals you’re working towards with your new love for running!

6. Boost Immunity

Light or moderate running boosts our body’s natural immune system by circulating protective cells (warriors) through the body faster, which attack and eliminate the infections (Intruders). This saves from minor illnesses such as cold, allergies, fatigue, menstrual discomfort, backache and digestive disorders.

7. Sleep like a baby

You will find it easier to get to sleep at night after moderate running but make sure the running isn’t done right before you wish to press the snooze button. It also helps you to sleep longer and wake up fresh like a daisy… If you are worried about your sleeping pattern though, and feel yourself feeling tired all the time, then why not consider taking an extra help supplement to help you sleep better, alongside running? Things like kratom tea can often be a great boost when it comes to sleeping better, and just feeling a lot better in your daily life, so maybe consider giving that a go as well as running?

8. Healthy Heart

When you work your body out by running, the body gets pampered in its own unique way. The blood circulation improves, therefore the risk of heart attacks is reduced. It also helps maintain blood pressure and prevents stroke. Apart from your usual routine to burn calories and improve your heart health, you could also take supplements like Boluoke, which tend to contain enzyme extracts such as lumbrokinase, which researchers believe supports cardiovascular health.

9. Mental Health

Regular running (exercising) helps to uplift ones mood. A healthy body always results in high self esteem and increases a person’s self confidence.

10. Glowing Skin

Running promotes blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy and vibrant. It improves the transportation of nutrients and flushes out waste products and accumulated dust in the skin pores, through sweat glands, resulting in smooth and shiny skin texture.

11. Boost Brain Power

Better circulation helps in increase of mental functions and thus adds up to the productivity level at work. The brain receives more oxygen and you tend to achieve your targets easily (justaaa kiddin…u’ll have to still work hard)!

12. Ease Anxiety

Mood regulation happens by the serotonin (Bravo, I could spell it right) receptors…So running happens to reduce their activity which in turn decreases the sensitivity levels and adds up to the mood upliftment. Thus, a runner eases off his anxiety while running.
So after reading sooooo many benefits, you better start moving those lazy bums, wear comfortable running pants, gel base running shoes (my personal favorite for that extra jump) and go run at least 3 kms… And, on your way back home, could you please get me a chocolate muffin with some melted choco sauce on top…puuhhhleeeeeeeez…!!!!



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