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Before You Ban Maggi, There Is Lot More To Be Banned!

Well “Maggi Ban” is something we all are hearing & reading about since yesterday because of some MSG issue. But, Khurki, the Maggi lover, is simply against this decision of FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

We genuinely don’t know if there is any politics behind it like that in beef ban. But FSSAI must realize that there is a lot more to be banned from our country on the basis of quality and standards.

Don’t know whether these authorities sees it or not, but in our country street food is way more popular than Maggi. Ask your parents to choose between a bowl of Maggi or a samosa from the nearest halwai, they will definitely go for a samosa.


In our country, people look forward to street food like chaat, bhalla, samosa, golgappe, and anything from everything. This is the country where you can find Mexican, Chinese, French, Italian and what not on the streets. Maggi eaters are way less than street food lovers. It is very obvious that in our country, population consuming street food is much higher. So if you want a ban or keep-a-check on something, do it for each and every ‘thella’ out there. Every sweet shop with millions of flies free of cost.

For any department, it is the first concern to sort out the bigger issue first. But if you consider Maggi a bigger issue, then please check out the hostel food of any college/university.

And it’s high time to realise that ‘Ban’ is not the option for every issue in our country. Air in Delhi is just not good to breathe in for anyone. So, does that mean the Delhi government should ban air in Delhi? 

In spite of the big two-minute lie, Maggi is something people look forward to every other day. The concern of FSSAI toward the citizens is worth appreciating, but if they have quality or standard issues, instead of banning it they should focus on seeking an improved quality of the product.

But to tackle the real and the bigger monster of the food quality in India is a BIG deal, because the low quality food not always but mostly is cheap. And our country is full of the people who want more food at a cheaper price. We all know people who will compromise with quality for cheaper food, either out of choice or out of no choice.

First, FSSAI should look inside their own collar, food at public places like railway stations, bus stands, ISBTs, government universities they all have much more unhygienic food than a bowl of Maggi.

And, why shouldn’t we buy what Maggi India is saying?

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Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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