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For Bedroom Action, You Must Avoid These Things In Bed!


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If you wear any of these things in your bedroom, then only you are to blame if the romance flies out of the window. One wrong decision and your man will totally get turned off in the head. If you don’t want that to happen, then please educate yourself.

T-shirts with dirty stains

Image Source
Image Source

You might be in love with your old T-shirts, but don’t expect your man to like them too. Why will your man find your T-shirts stained with ink or makeup adorable? In all probability, he will hate them.

Storing gifts from ex-boyfriends

Image Source
Image Source

We give you a situation where your boyfriend is looking forward to a great time, when he suddenly spots a gift from your ex in the bedroom. Need we say more, you just killed the mood with insecurity and jealousy.

Avoid dirty socks

Image Source
Image Source

This rule is especially applicable to men. You might be the best husband and boyfriend, but if you get into bed with dirty socks, wife and sex both are sure to suffer. If you want her to be happy, keep the socks out of bed.

Torn pyjamas

Image Source
Image Source

Torn and unruly pyjamas are a turn off for most men. You might be a fool to think that the peeps will turn him on. This rule also applies to undergarments – torn ones will not do. Obviously, most men would rather you just sleep in your underwear, but if you’re going to wear pyjamas then wear something sexy, like silk. You’ll be glad to hear that you can find affordable silk pajamas online, so looking sexy at night won’t mean breaking the bank.


There is no denying how popular onesies are because of the cosiness they provide. But do you really expect to get any action if you’re wearing a fluffy suit that covers your whole body? You may well look cute in black and white, but keep the onesie for lounging and take it off before you get into bed.

Slippery and satin night gowns

Image Source
Image Source

They look very sexy and might even turn your man on. But the reality is that they keep slipping, they get stuck in all the wrong places and end up being very frustrating.

No face masks at night

Image Source
Image Source

If you plan to use masks that smell like mud, fruits or hair packs that smell like pumpkins, then don’t expect the man to wait up. Once a while is ok, but if you make this a habit, then you can bid goodbye to making out.

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