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Beautiful Eyes With Expert Make-Up Tips!

If you love eye make-up, then this one’s certainly for you…


? To make large eyes look smaller, use a soft shadow as a liner at the lower lash line…it should be several shades lighter than the top liner.

? Use a light shadow as a base on the eyelids; apply it with a full shadow brush that covers the entire lid from lash line to brow bone. This step creates a clean slate for other shadows. It also keeps moisture away from the lid and takes away any discolouration.

? Indian women have the most beautiful eyes. I would recommend using a long-wearing eye liner formula in a deep black shade to create definition for stand-out eyes.

? Eyeliner pencils are easy to apply but may smudge. Pencil liners have a creamy consistency that smears if they are not set with either eye shadow or face powder.

? To make eyes really stand out, line the upper lashline with dark eyeliner; I prefer to use black eyeliner. Apply liner as close to the lash line as possible and line the entire length of the lid. Use short strokes for the most natural effect. People who wear eyeliner, specifically black eyeliner know how hard it can be to remove this make-up at the end of a long night. And sometimes, the harder it is for you to take it off, the more irritation that can be caused to your skin. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this for much longer, as there are now makeup removers that are meant to help soothe your skin, instead of harming it, (you can see for more information). This could be just what lovers of eye make-up need to help improve their skin instead of damaging it.

? A great way to transform a casual day look into a flattering evening look is a smokey eye look. From Cleopatra to Freida Pinto to Kate Moss, it’s a look that has stood the test of time. For the best effect, choose a highly pigmented, super creamy eye pencil that goes on smoothly and can be smudged to create the perfect smokey look.

? A softer formula is also easier to use along the inner rim of the eye, which adds drama to any smokey eye. For an unexpected touch of colour, opt for rich jewel tones to line the upper lash.

? Another way to create a stand-out eye is to indulge your chocolate obsession. Richer, deeper and denser than your most-loved brown, chocolate instantly makes eye pop. To complement chocolate shades on eyes go for nude pink or raspberry tones on cheeks and lips. This mix of colours enhances the face without looking too harsh or washed out.

Courtesy: Vogue India
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