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A Floral Makeover For Beard, The Hitherto Symbol Of Masculinity!



Flowers have been decorating hair for centuries, but for women and girls. These days, things have changed, with the ultimate symbol of masculinity aka the beard has got a floral makeover. This trend serves logic that man equally needs to get close to nature the way ladies often do. The origin can be credited to one man Pierce Thiot. Pierce adorned his facial hair with almost anything from burning sticks to toothpicks, ear buds, et al.

A Floral Makeover For Beard, The Hitherto Symbol Of Masculinity!

Beard Guy Beard Guy2 Beard Guy3 Beard Guy4 Beard Guy5 Beard Guy6 Beard Guy7 Beard Guy8 Beard Guy9 Beard Guy11 Beard Guy12 Beard Guy13 Beard Guy14

Beard Guy10

Share It With Your Bearded Friends, may that’s what give them future goals for their style game.

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Devashish Vaid
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