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#facepalm For Wearing Ray-Ban In Front Of NaMo


Priya Aurora
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While the Bastar Collector was busy flaunting his meeting with the PM, little did he know that he was in for a rude shock.

His fashion sense which we say was pretty decent, backfired big time.

He received official correspondence in which he was taken to task for wearing sunglasses when receiving the Prime Minister of India. Well that can only mean two things.

Firstly, Modi does not like people competing with him on the fashion scene. Which means that dark glasses are his copyright on official duties, as evident from him pictures from China. The only other reason that we could think of was that PM Modi likes to make eye contact with all the people who work for him.

That could be quite intimidating.

And before you wonder what the fuss is all bout, believe us when we say that we are wondering too. As in the picture the Collector is pretty decently dressed in a blue shirt and trousers.

Amit Katariya, the Collector in this discussion, was issued a confidential letter on the 13th of May.

What Khurki wonders, if the letter was confidential, how did the press get hold of it? A suspicious pair of Ray Ban’s needed to be called in for questioning.

What say?

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