While the two nation theory is who’s the father? There are people who are restoring our faith in humanity. Yes India faced an embarrassing defeat from Pakistan, but that shouldn’t stop us from being humans.

On the news channels of both the countries where everybody is busy spreading hatred and social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook have been turned into battle grounds. There comes a tweet which changes things, not on the web but at least for some people. And that tweet comes from Pakistani opener Azhar Ali.

Thanking Indian Captain Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh for spending time with his kids. The niceness and sportsmanship was not done yet, amid all hate he called all of them legends.

The tweet got massive response on social media and it definitely worth praise. No matter what, you always gotta stay humble. This gestures is worth a reply to all those hate mongers and keyboard sainiks on social media.

You never thought one day may be cricket would bring the two nations together. And may take away the hatred we are brought up and live with on both sides of the fences.


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