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Awkward Situations In An Interview That Can Leave You Speechless!

Nowadays, getting a job is a big issue..but bigger than that is the interview. You have to solve those tricky puzzles and answer some mind-boggling questions that leave you in an awkward situation. But if you want that job you have to answer it. Khurki gives you some such situations that you can come face to face with during an interview and also how to overcome them. It’s all about your confidence and smartness. Here you go!

Conversation started as…

Interviewer: You feel exhausted after so much waiting, have some water. (Pointing towards the bottle kept in front)

Candidate: (Extends his hand towards the water bottle)

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Here’s the suspense…

Interviewer: Wait! That cap is mine, you can’t touch that.

Candidate: ?? (Blank face)

Interviewer: Yes, you have to drink it without touching the cap of the bottle.

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Candidate proceeds…

Candidate: (Holds the bottle in his hand, and after looking for a while, puts it back on the table) There is no water in the bottle, Sir!

Interviewer: What are you saying? Can’t you see, it is full to the brim.

Candidate: (Calmly) No sir. I have checked and I can’t find any water.

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And it goes on like this…

Interviewer keeps on saying that there is water while showing him bottle repeatedly, but candidate was not ready to accept as one can’t wake up a man pretending to sleep.

Finally after few minutes of discussion it get restricted to ‘water is’, ‘no water’….’water is’, ‘no water’.

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End of conversation

Interviewer: (completely frustrated, opens the bottle and starts pouring it in front of candidate) What is this then?

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Problem solved!

Candidate: (Snatches the bottle from his hand and drinks it all and after taking a long breath) Thank you very much, Sir!



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