Top 5 Checks You Need When Picking Up A Makeup Remover!

We women love makeup, don’t we? And, why shouldn’t we? It enhances our beauty, accentuates our features, highlights our best and boosts our confidence! But just as makeup is important to look pretty, so is a makeup remover in your beauty regimen to help your skin breathe and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. So, here’s a quick guide on some of the essential qualities that your makeup remover must have to be your top choice!


1. No oily residue

Specialised makeup removers have water-based ingredients that penetrate deep into your pores, dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup and melt oily secretions without leaving any residue. So, ladies, be sure that you pick your remover which helps you feel fresh and clean without any greasiness or residue on your pretty face.