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Top 5 Checks You Need When Picking Up A Makeup Remover!

We women love makeup, don’t we? And, why shouldn’t we? It enhances our beauty, accentuates our features, highlights our best and boosts our confidence! But just as makeup is important to look pretty, so is a makeup remover in your beauty regimen to help your skin breathe and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. So, here’s a quick guide on some of the essential qualities that your makeup remover must have to be your top choice!

No oily residue

Specialised makeup removers have water-based ingredients that penetrate deep into your pores, dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup and melt oily secretions without leaving any residue. So, ladies, be sure that you pick your remover which helps you feel fresh and clean without any greasiness or residue on your pretty face.

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Paraben free

Admit it! The day you saw the first cosmetic product labelled paraben-free, you searched on Google and you came out with one key takeaway – in some or the other way they are linked to “cancer”! Parabens are basically chemicals widely used in cosmetics to prevent bacteria. So basically, they are preservatives. Critics suspect possible health risk of not only cancer but interference in your reproductive hormones causing fertility problems. So, go for a makeup remover that has a Paraben free formula which will work especially if you have that delicate sensitive skin.


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Naturally hydrating

Yes ladies! That mantra of drinking plenty of water for good skin is NOT just a fashion. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to keep away appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A good makeup remover will never strip your skin of its moisture and natural oils. Many skin care products rip cells off its water content and we really don’t want our beloved makeup remover to be doing that, isn’t’ it? So, pick a hydrating makeup remover to help your dry, sensitive skin to look shining.

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Easily dissolves dirt and makeup

The prime job of a makeup remover is obviously to pick out all the dirt and layers of makeup which has been on your skin throughout the day. And so, it is imperative to use a makeup remover that is effective at removing even the most stubborn makeup, such as a waterproof mascara or extreme makeup cover. It should be penetrating deep into your pores to unclog them easily without the need for painful rubbing and scrubbing.

Is blended from natural oils

“If you want to get healed, go to nature”. There are many natural alternatives to those makeup removers that contain abrasive chemical compounds that can harm our skin and do more bad than good. Going for an effective lightweight formula infused with natural oils like jojoba, tea tree, lavender or lemon which can clean your skin with its anti-bacterial properties without harming it through parabens or harsh synthetic chemicals can be your best bet. Ingredients like jojoba oil also have specific medicinal extracts within them that target different parts of you. In particular jojoba oil produces a similar waxy sebum that your skin does, so your skin can be nourished and moisturized with it. It is also vital to look at the ewg rating to see whether the oils you are using are protecting you and the environment’s health. So choose your makeup remover wisely and keep breakouts and skin irritation at bay. Yayy!

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