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Why It’s Awesome For You & Your BFF To Be Dating Same Time!


Devashish Vaid
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Dating teaches us lessons of life. At times it is fun, love et al and at times it is confusing or tense. For example, not everyone knows the hooking up definition doesn’t really mean getting together permanently. If you’re not looking for that kind of relationship it can come as a shock. But with time and practice comes experience for you to get your head in the game. And dating becomes another awesome phase of life if you and your bff are dating at the same time! This is possible too, even easier if you have different tastes in respective partners. And now, there isn’t a single difference that can come between the both of you, whether it’s interests or religion. Let me give you an example. So there are your usual dating sites like Tinder and POF, however, there are also many religious sites which are for things like christian mingling and muslim marriage so you don’t have to feel as though you are worlds apart when it comes to love.

No, if you are still getting it the wrong way that you & your bff are dating each other – it is not like that. Imagine you and your bff both have your respective partners and all you do is hang out together. Life is nothing but fun and love.

Now you are wondering why is it awesome. Well, you don’t have to any more as KHURKI brings you all the possible reasons.

All your hangouts will be economical…

Imagine you and your and girl and bff’s girl went to a restaurant and the bill is divided 50-50 among you both. This is all you want – somebody to chip in some money.


Late night disc party will be free to enter

Earlier, as a group you were paying to get through the doors of your favourite disc in town. Now you are a group of couples! Hence, entry is all free and the bouncers who earlier barred your way, will hold the door open for your group.


While dating, you also spend time with your BFF!

We all have one best friend and he gets ignored when you are dating. But in this case, while dating you can spend your time with your bff as well.

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You can cover each other’s lie…

If your friend is convincing his girl for something, you can always jump in to help him out.


You will be a gang of love…

You will all hangout together have your own kinda group, where no “forever single” will be there to judge you.

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Finally, your girl will have a girlfriend for G-talk…

No matter how close you are, but for a g-talk a girl needs a girl. And, in this scenario she will obviously have one.


Your amazing bond with your bff will benefit you!

Oh yes, your girl will finally see how amazing a partner you can be to someone. Your genuine love and care will be directly or indirectly seen by her every time you guys hangout.

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