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Be Safe And Smart, Avoid These Scams When Travelling

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India is a very funny country. On one hand, you have multiple options to travel to. Choose from temples, monuments, beaches, mountains and so on. On the other, it is also home to all kinds of strange scams, which have been specially designed for travellers. Find out more about these scams and keep yourself protected. Be safe!

5 Commission drivers ask for

Every time your taxi driver says he will get you a better hotel, he is getting commission for it. Next, he will suggest his friend’s place for some shipping. You know why!

4 Fake sim cards

If somebody is offering you a SIM and not insisting on your ID, then in most cases the SIM is stolen, used or fake. There is every chance that it won’t work. So it’s better that you go to the provider’s office.

3 Bogus road fee

If a cop stops your cab and asks for a road fee, please do not pay it. The cops are not authorized to collect any fee and you will know that it’s a scam, as the driver will not argue with the cop. Only pay at toll plazas.

2 Inflated bar bills

In India, some bartender will quietly add a few extra drinks and an exaggerated service charge to your bill. And if you happen to notice, they will remove the drinks but not the service charge. If you are sane enough, ask them to make a new bill.

1 The mix up of currency

Sometimes, the taxi driver or a shopkeeper will insist that you gave him a hundred rupee note even though in reality you gave him a thousand rupee note. If you want to avoid a situation like this, show the note and call it aloud or take help from bystanders.



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