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Vishal Kapoor

Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now 😉

Have A Boring College? Do This To Make It Happening!

Aarggghhh!!!!! How I Hate My College!

What Would You Prefer Angry Reaction Or Peace?

Are you the Angry Bird?

Things You Mustn’t Do When You’re High!

Any resemblance to a factual event is purely coincidental.

Handy Excuses You Make To Your Dear Friends!

Human nature after all...

Bike Or A Girl? Khurki On The Bikes Guys Fancy And Why!

From Vroom-Vroom To The Thump!

Things I Wish I Could Tell My Dad! Don’t Wait…

Love You Dad For Everything!

Khurki Identifies 10 Most-Frequented Meet Up Places Of Lovers!

Hiding behind closed doors....from the prying eyes.

Don’t Cry Like A Girl: Reasons Why Boys Think They Can’t Cry!

Boys have to be strong, but not emotionless...

Thinking Of Going Abroad? Have You Explored These Places In India?

It's a dare, take it or leave it! Loser!

Khurki Special Yaari Songs Dedicated To Friendship Day!

How many of us have been touched by true friendship? Khurki has been....

21 Things That Every Lover Boy Does For His Girl!

Give me your hand, I will show you the moon!

Why Do People Make Fake IDs? Khurki Tells You!

There could be no valid reason for using fake ids on social network. Point # 8 is SICK!

Khurki Special Yaari Songs Collection, Not To Be Missed!

How many of us have been touched by true friendship? Khurki has been....

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