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Upaali Dhawan

An optimist person with an appetite for celebrating the good things in life. calm.. composed.. tranquil writer..

Decorate Your House In Style This Diwali!

Wishing you a colourful and safe Diwali...

Celebrity Fetishes…Is She Crazy For Sponges?!

What?? You like this..?!!?

Finally, Star Wars 7 Trailer Is Out. . .

Nothing will stand in our way...

Ghazab Tamasha Soundtracks…At One Place!

The Tamasha is on...

Kehte Hain Yeh Deewani, Mastani Ho Gayi…Out Now!

Movie coming this December...

Waiting For Weekend? Here Are Some Stress Busters!

Don't fret...We are here for your rescue!

Eyes…Happy And Clear..!!

Eyes are your window to the world..!!

Be Fashionable & Colour Coordinated This Navratri!

Colour yourself this navratri...

Sheer Coincidence? Maybe. And Maybe Not!

These facts will surely give you goose bumps..

Are You A Vegetarian? Only On Tuesday & Thursday!

I looovvveee non-veg.. But not today please..!!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away? Not Any More!

Think before you chomp on an apple...

Vacation Destinations For Chocolate Lovers!!

Don't miss on raw chocolate bliss.

Outburst of A 24-Year-Old Girl: Spare Me These Questions!

Completely heartfelt and suffered!

Do You Remember These Old Phone Ads?

Check how many do you remember!

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