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Atul Is Still Anjan About The Real Reason Of Rapes..!!

Media is certainly a platform for sharing you thoughts openly but sometimes your thoughts are so confusing for your own self ..ke bhaia mazaak sa ban jaata hai aur besti complete ho jaati hai..!!

Yahi hua when Communist Party of India ke senior leader Atul Anjan said that Sunny Leone’s condom advertisements will increase the number of rape cases in India…

Areh budbak maantey nahi to khud dekhlo..

I ended up gasping for air ‘coz my tummy was dancing due to my fit of laughter..!!

Immediately after he said his golden words, Twitter beta bjne lg gae n jo jo logon ne likha hai wo Anjan ji ko to zaroor parhna chahiye..!!

Twitter buzz:



And the final one:

When should we put an end to such leaders? Inhein chunta kaun hai? Is it us?

This man is so insensitive to a heinous crime such as rape that he feels a mere condom advert can cause one? Does seeing a condom advt give him such a high that he feels so strongly for it…?

The words he uses for an adult film TV actor are more ‘nanga‘ than her profession…apni baat men damm laane ke liye shabdo ka iss tarah se istemaal kya sahi hai?

Is tarah ki soch ko and aesi mentality ko kaise accept kar paa rahe hain hum…no doubt the rape victims are a mere headline one day and a forgotten piece of news the other…and maybe that’s the reason the offenders don’t fear such crimes ‘coz even they know ke jo oopar sahab bethe hain woh bhi apun ke maafik hee soch rakhte hain bidu..!!

Disturbing reality!!

By the way, Anjan ji Sunny Leone Canada se hai Australia se nahin..!!

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