Arjun Kapoor Has Special Message For You This Women’s Day!


Arjun Kapoor is a devoted mama’s boy in real life. He admits that he still feels that his late mother Mona Kapoor is alive and still with him. Being so close to his mother, Arjun Kapoor even has a tattoo ‘Maa’ on his right wrist in her memory. How special! No?

Arjun is also very close to his sister Anushla Kapoor and are definitely the cutest siblings in Bollywood. So on this special day of International Women’s Day how can he not acknowledge both the beautiful ladies of his life.

Here is a video by Arjun Kapoor where he talks about the importance of his special ladies with the special message for you all on this Women’s Day.

Check it out:

In the video, Arjun goes on about women being the superior sex and how just one day isn’t nearly enough to celebrate them.

Wishing everyone a very Happy International Women’s Day.


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