Whoa! Arijit Singh & Cerejo Make i20 Song With Car Sounds!


In the latest advertisement of one of my favourite cars, Hyundai Elite i20, I have fallen in love with the car & creativity once again. The musical-magician duo composed a song with no instrument at all, but 118 car sounds. The song is called Drive Mein Junoon!

Yes, we agree Arijit Singh has a melodious voice. But still his collaboration with music makes it even more of a melody. So Cerejo Clinton created these amazing beats for Elite i20 song and here’s what the duo created.

Arjit Singh & Cerejo Clinton create a song with no instruments except car sounds!

Here are a few reasons why this ad is more than just an advt:

Arijit Singh in & out

We know Arijit sounds great in the car, but recently realised he is good with the car.

We bow to the creativity

Oh yes, making a song without any instruments, but different car sounds is tough and a creative job. And obviously making an addictive song out of it is worth the world’s appreciation.

That feeling when your car’s theme song is amazing!!

No matter what you ride, the theme song of your vehicle is something you got to love. But what if you don’t have to make yourself fall in love with this song, because the song will do it for you.

We all have Drive Mein Junoon indeed

Songs speak about the real emotions and bond we share with our car and vroom. And when you ride something like Elite i20, the bond becomes two times stronger!


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