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Are You Supporting The World No Panty Day Today?

“Home is where the pants aren’t” was a trending Instagram post a few weeks back.

That was to prepare for June 22, as it happens to be the “World No Panty Day”.

A US-based website has been doing this for a couple of years now and women the world over are being urged to go underwear free and let their bodies breathe.

Undergarments have always been at the forefront of women’s liberation since the 1960s when “bra burning” protests first came to forefront in America. Though no bras were actually burnt then; it was all about discarding cosmetic products to mark a protest against beauty pageants and society’s cruel expectations from women.

Bras have been symbolic of every feminist effort to gain equality but now they can retire. It’s time for panty power.

But, tere is obviously a genuine reason why one wears underwear. How does taking one’s underwear off help in anything? Wearing or not wearing underwear is an intimate personal choice. How is it symbolic of a woman’s right to equality? What’s a harmless panty got to do with it anyway?

Most men wear underwear even if that hasn’t been changed for days. Has that given them any privilege in any way? Then, how will not wearing one elevate a woman’s status? You don’t want to wear a panty on a specific day, feel free to not do so.

If it’s all about fun, go ahead and have fun. The idea should be to do what you want and do it quietly. Remember, men can always get back by celebrating a “No Boxers Day”. Ugh!

Watch the promo right here:

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Devashish Vaid
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