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Are You Ready For 10 Spiciest And Hottest Food In The World?


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Don’t we all love spicy food. Hotter the better!

Khurki searched the planet and got the spiciest and hottest food in the world.

Add them to your bucket list for sure.

1. Mexico – Pozole


Mexican love their chillies, like Indians love garam masala.

2. Sri Lanka – Kukul Mas Curry

Kukul Mas Curry-khurki.net

The dish is made with sambol chilli. The faint hearted should not try it.

3. Bhutan – Ema Datshi

Ema Datshi-Khurki.net

Chilies are eaten as vegetables in Bhutan. Try this rice dish, which is covered with chillies and cheese.

4. Ethiopia – Doro Wat

Doro Wat-Khurki.net

Ethiopians use a spicy powder called ‘berbere’. It can induce you to tears in seconds.

5. Jamaica – Jamaican goat curry

Jamaican Curry Goat-Khurki.net

The world calls it Jerk Chicken. The scotch bonnet pepeprs make it deadly.

6. Korea – Buldak


We all recognize kimchi as a Korean dish. Buldal actually means fire chicken in English.

7. Malaysia – Otak Otak


You get the best seafood in Malaysia. The national dish is a fish cake which is served in a banana leaf. It might taste bland in the beginning, but you get a shot of fire soon enough.

8. Thailand – Phat Phrik Khing

Phat phrik khing-Khurki.net

Thailand has so much more to offer than its green and red curry. Order this beef dish, but don’t complain that we did not warn you.

9. Italy – Fiery Angel Hair Pasta

Fiery Angel Hair Pasta

Drop the idea of having an Italian pizza. Try their extra spicy sauces loaded with Cayenne and chillies.

10. China – Sichuan Hot-Pot

Head to the Sichuan province and order soups with fresh flowers of pepper for garnish. The taste will stay with you for life.

Sichuan Hot-Pot-Khurki.net

Happy Eating !!

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