Are You A White Person?


Most colours in our world have some or the other emotions associated with them.

If your wardrobe is full of whites, and if you have always wondered why? Believe us, when we tell you that there is a reason for it.

You might not fit our description perfectly, but we can bet you will be close to it.

1. It is very rare for white to be a favourite colour in childhood. It is more of a color of transitions

2. If white is your color, then an immaculate appearance and neatness are something’s that you are passionate about

3. You would have a ‘keeda’ of cleanliness and you people around you are constantly getting lectured on it

4. You would call yourself far-sighted, optimistic and generally happy with life

5. Striking the right balance comes very easy to you, along with being wise and discreet

6. But you are very careful about money, almost to the point of being miserly

7. Impulsiveness is rarely seen in you, yours self-control is famous

8. Along with being poised, you tend to have mood strikes and are fastidious

9. Some of you might be self-sufficient loners who need no one

10. Secretly, you might be hoping to re-create your childhood and make it better this time

11. Sexually, you might be a little prudish, convincing yourself that you are perfect

12. You just look shy, but are ready for an argument, when you need to prove a point

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