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Seven Certified Ways To Approach Women Without Being A Jerk!



It’s a common scenario to see a boy struggle with when and how to approach a girl in an appropriate way, that too when you are socially inexperienced. It can be very challenging. Though it’s not such a complicated task, in reality you just have to be a little sensitive, cautious and use some common sense. We’ve compiled an effective list to help you approach women without sounding creepy!

Don’t ever trick her



Never trap a girl in an elevator or block them in their seat in a train or bus. By doing this, you will freak them out and they would end up feeling threatened. Of course, you will lose all chances to impress any girl.

Don’t be touchy



Avoid touching, it’s the creepiest thing a guy does which makes girls hate them and run away. Instead, try to maintain distance in such situations like bus or Metro or for that matter anywhere.

Don’t act like a player



Women find it highly unattractive when men use pickup lines to start a conversation.  Sometimes, a simple polite hello with a smile is all you need to get her talking.

Just be nice



Guys who don’t pretend and present their natural self attract women more quickly. Just being nice can be refreshing at times. For example, you can comment on the book she is reading or about the place you both are in.

Make her laugh



Once you have achieved to be in the safe zone, try to make her smile by cracking some decent jokes. Laughter is the best icebreaker. Women like men who can humour them up.

Don’t stare



You should avoid staring at a girl for long. If she notices you checking her out, it would send wrong signals. You might be just hesitant to talk, but she will take you as a desperate.

Pick up clues



We agree, staring is bad but making random eye contacts can help you win her. You can use this trick in your favour at a bar by just looking into her eyes, give a genuine smile or you can even raise your glass to say hello.

Simranjeet Kalra
Simranjeet Kalra
A man of all seasons, I have seen life closely through the eyes of people I have met. I have a knack for having an alternate vision and a keen "situation-al observation". Always curious and digging for more information, am coming up with my first novel aimed at invoking positive thinking among Indian youth!

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