Apple Shaped Body? Here Are Some Primping Suggestions For You


With ever-changing trends in the fashion world, it becomes very difficult to make a fashion clothing choice on day to day living. The difficulty to choose an outfit gets overstated especially when our real body types do not match the plastic image of make believe beauties of the runway.

Here are some fashion clothing tricks specially designed for ladies who have apple shaped body.

1. Identifying the assets


apple 1

2. Problematic area

Waist region, where a large part of weight is accumulated above waist area with flat bottom

Assets: Shoulders and legs


3. Evening look

An evening A-shaped ankle length dress will look striking on you and will go ahead in camouflaging areas you are conscious about.

(H & M) Sleeveless Maxi Dress, 100% Polyester)
(H & M) Sleeveless Maxi Dress, 100% Polyester)

4. Spicing up the look

If you are an accessory junkie, a beautiful layered gold plated chain would surely add that extra pizzazz to your desirous look.

Gold Layered body Chain @
Gold Layered body Chain @

5. Summer Wear

Look 1

A light coloured ribbed top ensemble with an earthly tone wide coat and loose fit trouser will surely make a well- favoured look of the season.

Clockwise: (H & M ) Wide Coat in Lyocell, (H & M) Ribbed Top, (H & M) Trousers loose fit
Clockwise: (H & M ) Wide Coat in Lyocell, (H & M) Ribbed Top, (H & M) Trousers loose fit

Look 2

This look will give you that instant slim look, without having to slog in the gym for that extra inch belly fat burn.


Above: (New Look) Dark grey split side Below: ( H & M) Shorts high waist
Above: (New Look) Dark grey split side; Below: (H & M) Shorts high waist

7. Holiday by the sea

For all the water babies who want to look no less than a mermaid by the sea. Here’s another great look for you.


Clockwise: ( H & M ) Patterned Kimono,( H & M ) Lace shorts, (H & M) Jersey top
Clockwise: (H & M) Patterned Kimono, (H & M) Lace shorts, (H & M) Jersey top
Sangmitra Singh
Sangmitra Singh
Fashionista from London who practices, studies and enjoys fashion and spirituality.


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