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Applaud Jitesh Ahire, The Unsung Pizza Boy Hero From Mumbai

A pizza boy comes to the aid of people caught in a building that was on fire.

When the Mumbai’s Lake Homes Complex building caught fire, nobody in their wildest dream had thought that a simple pizza boy would be instrumental in saving the lives of residents.

Meet Jitesh Ahire, a common pizza delivery boy, who works 200 meters away from this posh residential complex. He was there delivering pizza from the Eagle Boys Pizza, when there was a fire on the 22nd floor due to a short circuit in the air conditioning. He did not for a minute think about his own safety and saved the lives of nearly 25 residents.

Jitesh, along with an electrician, a security guard and a plumber rushed to the 14th floor and brought down residents stuck in the fire. And once the lifts stopped working, he rushed to the 22nd floor and tried to douse the fire, which was now uncontrollable.

Jitesh now recalls that he made many trips from the 14th to the 22nd floor and brought down as many residents as he could to the ambulances waiting below. It is important to note here that most residents who were saved were half conscious due to the smoke and had to be carried down.

Although, 7 people died in the incident, it is important to focus on the figures of the people who were saved due to the presence of mind of this unsung hero.

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