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Anushka Sharma Reply To Kalam Azad Tweet Is Shocking!


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We all saw it, read it and it was certainly everywhere. But what do the celebs say once they’ve made a mistake? Do they genuinely agree that it was a human error or they simply shrug it off by saying who cares..?


Social media does not spare anyone from ultimate bestis when they goof up even in the tiniest possible way..!!

Aapko bata dein ke after the sudden demise of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Anushka Sharma offered her hearty condolence in the form of a tweet but shockingly it was for ABJ Kalam Azad and not for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

anushka sharma-khurki.net

Total Ch#tyapa haina..!!

Upar se when someone asked her about the goof up..this is what madamji had to say:

Anushka Sharma reply to the tweet blunder shocked us…Kamaal hai ye sar pe charhi akad bhi..!!

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