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New Alia Bhatt? Anushka Sharma Mourns For ‘ABJ Kalam Azad’

Here is one incidence that shows people who don’t five a F#@k about what they are posting on their social networking pages, which indeed gets then a hype or the so-called unwanted publicity!

Let me show you what exactly happens when a star like Anushka Sharma mourns for the ex-President of India:

anushka sharma-khurki.net

Yep…shocked?? So was I..!! Calls herself a fauji kid still doesn’t know who she’s paying condolence to…I expected her to be smarter than this at least..DUH!!!

Though she re-tweeted later on…

But the damage was done…guess she will be the new Alia Bhatt now…Wonder when asked about the ex-President who was a referred to as the ‘missile man’…she’d answer – ABJ KALAM AZAD.

Couple of days earlier, Anushka was in news for shunting out negative mongers from her Twitter account as she said that she wanted to keep it positive…Am sure after this disaster she would certainly have many people walking away purposely from her Twitter..!!

By the way, do watch the last salute to the great man “Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM” in the video below:

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