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Anupam Kher talks about the taboo of depression in a video message!


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The pace of the world today is harsh and fast, so to match it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are sensitive souls out there who just can’t take the beating. And then there are insensitive souls out there who just don’t understand it. People still consider depression as a taboo, something that you shouldn’t talk about. This is heartbreaking for that are battling depression, as people don’t understand at all, but still judge all the time.

People often believe that somebody is faking depression, which is why the advice that sufferers hear all the time is that they simply need to cheer up! Cheer up? Like they never thought of it that way?

I don’t know what brought them to this genius idea that they would be able to cure someone’s depression by telling them to cheer up. Especially when there are so many tried and tested methods out there that have shown success in helping people to manage the symptoms of depression. For instance, many find that talking about their illness with a therapist is enough to help them, while others look to find cannabis oil for sale as an alternative treatment.

Unfortunately, even with all these remedies, there are still many celebs who have so-called ‘everything’ in life, that are being found dead in their luxury homes. It is high time that people should be aware of the reality of depression before it claims more lives.

The sensitivity of the issue should be taught, learned and practice by all of us.

Anupam Kher took the first and right step in his straight talk on depression is one good example. He recently released a video on what leads to depression and how people should deal with it.

Watch the video here:

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