Another Escalator Accident Within One Week In China. Oh My Gawd!


What the hell is wrong with Chinese malls?

Pehle woh bechari aunty died and now this poor fellow got disabled due to the escalator..!!

Yep..that’s true..

In yet another accident involving escalators, a housekeeping male staff who was cleaning the escalator got stuck in it. Being quick in action, he managed to switch off the escalator well in time or else he too would have been sucked into the deadly conveyor belt.

Firefighters managed to rush in and save him, but the severity of the injuries he suffered resulted in doctors having to amputate his leg.

This is the second incident in a row of escalator accidents which leaves us wondering that is China ka maal actually so ghatiya ke begunaho ki jaan se khel rahe hain ye log..!!

Sad…very sad…

In the video below, you can see another horrific accident after which you are certainly going to take extra care of your kids while shopping at a mall or while on an escalator…

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