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Another day of patriotism just passes by, when will we wake up?

INDEPENDENCE, we enjoy it every day but are thankful for it on that one day of the year: The 15th of August! We hoist the Tricolour for one day and don’t look back at it for the next 364 days!

“Har Ghar Tiranga” was one great initiative by the Indian Government but did it really bring in patriotism or was it just for that one day? With the celebration, I believe true patriotism is necessary every day, every year and in your every action!

Now as both the campaign and celebrations have come to an end, it’s time to take the flags off. Well, guess what? I have already seen a dozen flags lying on the ground. How does this make sense? One day you hoist the flag with all pride and the next day it’s found on the ground.

Suddenly, Instagram and Twitter are full of tweets and posts celebrating the 15th of August. The next thing we know, no one remembers it for the rest of the year!

The Tricolour is our national identity and must be given respect on all days.

What can we do with damaged tricolour flags?

The Flag Code of India 2002 says the flag should be destroyed as a whole in private. Either bury it or burn it! Well, not the best option but better than discarding them on the ground or throwing them in the trash.

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There are burning and burying etiquettes too which we need to follow!

Burying a damaged flag? Keep it inside a wooden box and bury it. Observe a moment of silence, thereafter. It is a legal offence to directly burn the flag.

Companies like Indian Oil have also started a collection drive, where people could hand over unwanted flags at the nearest Indian Oil petrol pumps. Though this initiative is only taking place in Mumbai, but at least it’s happening somewhere and by someone!


The government is also taking the initiative to make sure that OUR PRIDE, OUR FLAG doesn’t end up on the streets! People can also reach out to the municipal corporation’s zonal helplines and deposit torn/soiled flags with sanitary inspectors. The civic body will ensure that these are disposed of as per the guidelines of the home ministry.




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