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Annoying Things We Indians Should Stop Doing RIGHT NOW!


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now 😉

Well, yes… It’s we Indians, once again. Do we really think there’s something wrong with our manners or we think these are just embarrassing stories people lay hands on, make a story out of it, publish it on social media and entertain masses! As a conscientious Indian citizen, I feel there are certain annoying things that we Indians must avoid! Did you ask which ones? Here you go…

Peeing anywhere and everywhere

‘Diaper’ advised strictly.


Commentary on unknown people

Is it a free service you provide? Did anyone ask for it?


Wrong lane overtaking

This should be a point in the ’causes of frustrations’.

Image Source

Unnecessary blowing of horns

Risky for hearts patients and unsuitable to many.

Image Source


Waste has a place called ‘Dustbin’. If you can’t make efforts to throw it in right place, then you deserve to be in the ‘Dustbin’.


Asking silly questions

Like in a movie complex, you approach a friend and he’s like, ‘Hey, are you here for a movie?’ and in your mind you’re like, “No you idiot, I’ve some serious ‘popcorn business’ running around here”.

Image Source

Staring at her legs

Stop making people uncomfortable if YOU don’t have beautiful legs to be proud of.

Image Source

Being unkind towards animals

By behaving like animals, themselves.

CruelFeatured Image: Image Source

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