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Animals That We Eat Alive, Are You The Part Of “We”?

Most food doctors will ask you not to eat uncooked meats, that’s because they can be very dangerous.

But there are some people in this world who like to eat food that is moving on their plate. We found for you some food items that are eaten alive. Take a deep breath and read with a braveheart!!

1. Sannakji

This dish is served in Korea. The main ingredient of this dish is a baby octopus, whose tentacles get stuck to your throat when you are eating it. Because it is alive!

2. Sea Urchins

Sea urchins are eaten alive and fresh from the sea. Just be careful of the spikes before eating them.

3. OdoriEbi

This sashimi is made with a baby shrimp and is served in Japan. It is eaten alive with its legs and antenna moving.

4. Drunken Shrimp

This shrimp is served in China. These adult shrimps are soaked in alcohol and made tipsy before eating them as main course.

5. Noma Salad

This is an ant salad, which is now being served all over the planet. The ants are chilled at sub zero temperatures, so that they don’t run out of your plate and move slowly.

6. CasuMarzu

This is a traditional chees made in Sardinia with sheep milk. But what’s the big deal about cheese, it’s full of live maggots crawling inside it. Try with your eyes closed!

7. Frog Sashimi

Frogs have been eaten for centuries, but this idea of eating is really innovative. The legs of the frog are cut to make sashimi, and the rest of it is simmered in soup. It is served with its heart still beating.

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