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If Angry Birds Made You Happy, Get Ready To Go Crazy!

At times kids go mad for Angry Birds and now they will go super crazy. Have you seen the Angry Birds movie trailer yet?

If not!! Then watch it here right now. This is a surprisingly awesome trailer for the animated Angry Birds movie.

Sony, Columbia Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have released the first trailer.

This popular app game Angry Birds will go to the big screen from mobile phones & PCs in May 2016 with 3D adventure…. Yippeeeee !! And we will finally find out why the birds are so angry all the time.

Angry Bird

Little synopsis about the movie…

An animated 3D movies talks about the Happy and Flightless birds living on an island trying to figure what the green pigs are up to their island.

Jason Sudeikis voices an angry bird named Red, a bird with a temper problem. Josh Gad voices the speedy bird Chuck and Danny McBride fills the role of the explosive Bomb in the film’s attempt to put a spin on the various types of birds one can control in the game.

The Angry Birds opens in 3D on May 20.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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